About Us

Welcome to Amer Alamr & Partners Lawyers and Legal Consultants

Amer Alamr & Partners Lawyers and Legal Consultants (AALC) is a fully-licensed law firm and one of the leading provider of legal services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have a distinguished presence in the market, with a team of experienced Saudi lawyers and further investing heavily in recruiting and developing Saudi talents.

AALC is owned and managed by Amer AlAmr with more than 22 years of extensive experience in a broad range of legal matters and a strong vision behind has building his own practice. Amer has managed to raise the standards in the Saudi legal sector by blending local talent with international expertise.

Integrated local knowledge and international expertise

Our team of legal expertise is integrated and compatible with our services directed to both the Gulf and international countries, creating a homogeneous mixture of Saudi, Gulf, and international legal systems, with specialized expertise across all practice. This is supported by our offices in both Riyadh and Jeddah, and our geographical coverage expands further based on an in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment and wise policies that are pursued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by reflecting the regulatory frameworks in various local cultures, diverse customs, and traditions in which we take great pride.

With a team of lawyers who are equipped with a deep understanding of the local market, the company works collaboratively and closely with several ministries and government agencies. By taking advantage of our international vision and our knowledge of best practices, we contribute to the continuous development programs in the Kingdom and participate in the formulation of approved laws and regulations.

We have established a firm presence in the comprehensive commercial sectors, and we look forward to our strategic investment in the recruitment, development, and training of Saudi professionals. We seek to provide clients with local experiences that facilitate comprehension of the realities of life and professional requirements that stem from detailed and supportive experiences which resist and overcome repeated challenges. From an insightful perspective, we handle to resolve appropriately any kind of legal dispute in accordance with the best advice and legal opinions that consider the privacy of local community and demonstrate strict compliance and commitment to local laws and regulations.

Our Mission

We strive to work continuously and harmoniously with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision by providing distinctive local legal services and frameworks for various businesses and our customers from small, medium, and large companies; individuals; and government agencies.

Relationship-based approach

Since we are sophisticated professionals providing distinguished legal services, we realize and understand that our future depends on an approach based on good and solid relationships with all clients, whether individuals or private and public entities. We also believe in the development and continuity of relations for long as possible with our clients through continuous provision of legal solutions at a reasonable cost to accommodate their requirement. Therefore, we are an experienced and highly qualified team that works on all ranges and understands the importance of customer satisfaction. We devote attention to the smallest details with flexibility and coordination to achieve the best desired results through high-quality and premium legal services.

Our lawyers have expertise in all fields. By striving to understand and deeply analysing the elements of each case, they are keen on providing insights to our clients, especially in situations that may affect business activities in general. In addition, they are fully able to appear in all judicial courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including general courts, the Board of Grievances, labour courts and quasi-judicial committees.

Strong local links

We are proud of our genuine efforts to establish and stabilize a long-term reliable relationship with the responsible and regulated authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These reliable and strong relationships with representatives of government agencies and policy makers help us stand at the forefront of the ranks of bidders. As such, we can provide practical and fast advice in various practices with effective and influential capabilities, drawing upon our experiences and passion for the continuous development and training of the work team.

 Our commitment to providing carefully studied advice enables us to develop distinguished relationships with clients including elite entrepreneurs, family companies, small and medium enterprises, as well as large companies, individual institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a considerable number of individuals eager to succeed in their activities and business.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the best legal company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by building long-term relationships with clients based on experience, expertise, and mutual benefits, with more confidence and internationally approved business standards.


Comprehensive, high quality client service is at the heart of everything we do at Amer Alamr & Partners Lawyers and Legal Consultants (AALC). We place high priority on understanding the business of our customers and their goals. We are convinced that our focused efforts and approach will help achieve our clients’ goals efficiently.


Our services and provision of full-scale assistance that meets the needs of our clients in all fields distinguishes us from the rest of the legal institutions in the region. We provide our clients with specialized practitioners, a multidisciplinary team and legal expertise in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we provide a group of experts who are well-versed in the local and regional regulatory framework. We encounter challenges with effective solutions that are supported by training and global practices.

Why Choose Us

The lawyers and staff at Amer Alamr & Partners Lawyers and Legal Consultants (AALC) pride ourselves on being approachable and down-to-earth. We take complicated legal issues and make them easy for the client to understand and feel confident they are making informed decisions. We take our roles seriously, and consider the issues surrounding elder law and aging to be our life's work.

Our success is determined by the satisfaction of our clients with our services and capabilities.

Our Clients