Practice Areas

Banking and Finance, Project Finance

Supported by international expertise through our partners and our well-established knowledge in the local market, our team represents a large number of clients in various commercial and financial transactions to meet their requirements in terms of regulatory, general, and implementation policies. We provide legal advice to a number of large companies as well as medium and small establishments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and assist them in managing their day-to-day operations and achieving their desired strategic goals. In addition, we have been assisting clients in restructuring, organizational requirements, methods and mechanisms of compliance.

Asset financing

The team specializes in managing transactions involving the purchase, financing and leasing of private aircraft, ships and fishing boats, heavy and light equipment, railway infrastructure and management of their terminals, oil platforms, and power generators and other mobile industrial equipment based on our team’s extensive knowledge of the structures and products related to these projects. This includes operating and financing leases, structured tax financing, insurance transactions, asset sales and purchases, leasing company acquisitions, Islamic financing operations, and residual value arrangements.

Project financing

The local project finance team consists of experts skilled in following up on and managing all ranges of financing problems and related projects, from project structuring to construction and general financing.