Practice Areas

Engineering and Construction, Real Estate, Property

Our relationship with our customers and the added value that we strive to provide them are the clearest features in our work behaviours and our investment in meeting service requirements at every stage of the projects that we help to complete properly. We demonstrate full presence and interaction with our customers at every step, starting from the chosen method of understanding, buying, and selling, before reaching the stage of resolving disputes, if any. 

Al Amr bin Ali & Partners law firm provides advice to dealers in real estate, including design, construction, clearance, engineering works, procurement, alliance, construction, and contract management. We are well equipped to handle various regularly used model contracts such as NEC3, and the comprehensive range of FIIC contracts. The team is completely familiar with the contracts concluded between the parties, which include general, private, and hidden clauses or with multiple meanings and interpretation. We are particularly skilled and qualified to draft and negotiate construction and engineering contracts, and to resolve disputes of financiers, project developers, employers, contractors and urban project consultants.