Practice Areas

Litigation/ Arbitration/ Alternate Dispute Resolution

Our dispute settlement team has extensive experience in all aspects of dispute settlement within the private and public sectors, starting from a solid base of advisory work that precedes litigation procedures to extensive coverage of litigation cases and arbitration procedures. We cover a complete and comprehensive range of all relevant issues and manage cases in a wide range of sectors. In addition to the areas listed above, we serve in the fields of building and construction, transportation, health care, aviation, infrastructure, banking, real estate, and telecommunications.

Within our fields of expertise, we also settle various disputes, ensure that matters are settled as quickly as possible, in a manner that satisfies our ambitions and the ambitions of our clients, appropriately and equally, and we pursue claims or payments by finding alternative procedures if an early solution is not applicable.

Our ability to litigate at various levels and degrees of litigation, starting with first-degree and appeals courts and extending to the Supreme Court, is supported by our comprehensive knowledge committed to the provisions of Islamic Sharia law, which is an integral part of the litigation procedures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our extensive experience enables us to litigate and plead before various judicial courts, such as the administrative courts of the Board of Grievances, the Public Prosecution, the labour courts, the committees for adjudicating insurance disputes and violations – both primary and appeals. We work professionally in response to complaints submitted to the Cooperative Health Insurance Council and the General Secretariat of the committees, setting securities, traffic department, and committee disputes. In such cases, we look into violations of the provisions of the publications and publishing systems, as well as provisions of the audio-visual media system, and issues of intellectual property, patents, and trademarks. We are always present at all levels of litigation and dispute resolution to offer our clients insightful and transparent legal assistance. We manage disputes legally and efficiently so as to avoid loss and prolong litigation by fully preparing the requirements of litigation and defences and fulfilling the requirements and supporting documents in accordance with the established formal procedures mechanism.